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The Drug Policy Project of Utah provides our community with education about how drug policies affect all aspects of our community. We engage in programs that focus on issues impacting communities, peace officers, and families. These programs provide the community with the necessary tools to effectively reform drug policies into compassionate, data-driven policies that improve the safety of our communities and the security of families.

As a member of the Drug Policy Project's Movement Builder Network you will receive a monthly newsletter with exclusive invitations to our upcoming events, in-depth volunteer opportunities and other ways in which you can become involved in the work of reforming Utah's drug laws and criminal justice system. As an added bonus, when you become a member, you'll receive a FREE t-shirt so that you can wear your support! 

By giving to the Drug Policy Project of Utah you are ensuring that these programs will continue and that more programs can be developed! The so-called "War on Drugs" has failed families, communities, and the peace officers who dutifully serve us, it is time to reform Utah's drug laws to promote a better future for all of our residents. 

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